Gospel Readings January 19, 2020

The First Reading is from the Prophet Isaiah. When commenting on the Book of Isaiah, scholars speak of three Isaiahs. Today’s reading is taken from second Isaiah, a prophet during Israel’s time in exile. Isaiah speaks of an unknown mysterious Servant who would one day unite the people of God. This Servant would restores Israel. He would be a light to the nations and brings back salvation to all the world. Christians have always understood Jesus and his mission to be the fulfillment of that messianic prophecy.   


Gospel January 05, 2020

In the solemnity of the Epiphany (an appearance or a showing) of Christ to all humanity, the First Reading is from the Prophet Isaiah. God is about to bring a New Dawn to Israel. All the Nations will be drawn to the city bearing all kinds of gifts. This prophecy will be fulfilled when Jesus invites all people to come into his light. The Magi are the first Gentiles to respond to Jesus’ invitation.


Gospel December 29, 2019

In the feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the First Reading is taken from the Book of the Prophet Sirach. This reading is a commentary on the fourth commandment: ‘Honor your father and your mother.’ The Prophet Sirach gives us his idea of the ideal family, with all the responsibilities, honors and benefits that are bestowed on each member. Sirach lists the rewards that come with such respectful conduct: atonement for one’s sins, gift of offspring, answer to prayers, and a long life.

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