BOKS · Build Our Kids' Success

  • BOKS Rocks
    • Healthy students are better students.
  • An important step toward improving the head-to-toe wellness of our students, the BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success) before-school activity program was introduced at our school in 2013 and was a rousing success!.

    From 7:15-8am before school, students in grades K-5 are led through a program of physical activity by parent volunteers; there is a nominal participation fee to cover prizes and treats for the students. Check out the Reeboks BOKS FAQs for more information and download the registration forms right here for 2017-2018.

    Daily physical activity and proper nutrition begin to improve kids' lives from the very first moment. Another critical factor in the success of our children is something you can do at home. Make sure your children eat a nutritious breakfast, and pack them a healthy lunch.

    Excerpted from the Wellness Impact report: Two groups of students, breakfast-eaters and non-eaters, were asked to complete the same math problems. Investigators monitored the activation of those areas of the brain involved in mathematical cognition. The breakfast-eaters had significantly different activation patterns of neural networks involved in mathematical thinking and they had fewer errors on the math equations. The non-eaters had significantly more errors, and brain wave frequencies showed more mental effort was used to complete the math equations.

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