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FAQs & Forms


Here are the questions we hear most frequently. Please let us know if the information you're seeking isn't included here.

  • How do I enroll my child?

    To enroll a new student, you may download and print the admissions documents, visit school and pick them up personally, call us at 773.631.2256, or contact our principal, Mrs. Margie Marshall, to get the process started.

    When school is in session, walk-in office hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm. During the summer months we are open by appointment; please contact Mrs. Margie Marshall to make arrangements.

  • What are the school office hours?

    The school office is open for visitors from 9:00am to 3:00pm on regular school days, or by appointment via phone (773.631.2256).

    During the summer months the office is open on Wednesdays and by appointment; voice and email messages are checked and answered on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact our principal, Mrs. Margie Marshall with immediate questions or to make an appointment.

  • What are your preschool policies?

    Our early childhood programs are for students who will be three or four years old before September 1 of the school year; half-day and full-day options are available.

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  • Is morning and after-school care available?

    Yes, we offer both through our on-site Extended Care Program for students in full-day preschool/prekindergarten and up. Either program may be used on a regular or as-needed basis. Program use will be billed electronically through your FACTS account.

    Extended Care Program

  • How much are tuition and fees?

    Tuition is charged on an annual basis and is all-inclusive.

    There is a one-time admission fee of $165 per new student. There are no additional fees for curriculum, technology, supplies or re-enrollment.

    Electronic billing and payment options are flexible and handled through FACTS Tuition Management.

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  • What is TRIP?

    TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program and is a way to lower your monthly tuition bill through credits earned by the purchase and use of gift cards for your home shopping needs. Using TRIP is completely free and can save you hundreds of dollars.

    Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not! Once they start, families often tell us they wish they'd started using TRIP sooner. We can connect you with parents who are TRIP pros and eager to help new users get on board.

    TRIP is a true win-win for everyone!

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  • Can I pay tuition via credit card?

    Yes. FACTS Tuition Management accepts credit/debit cards and electronic withdrawals (ACH) from checking/savings accounts. There is no fee for ACH payments; credit/debit card payments incur a 2.75% transaction fee from FACTS. More about FACTS and our tuition policies can be found here.

    Tuition Policies

  • What do the children do for lunch?

    The lunch periods are split between 15 minutes in the school hall for eating lunch and 15 minutes outside for recess, weather permitting. During inclement weather or on days when the parking lot is not available for recess the children eat lunch in their classrooms.

    The students are always under direct supervision of experienced adults during lunch and recess, and in addition a faculty member is present on the playground during all recess periods.

  • What is the FSP hot lunch program?

    Food Service Professionals (FSP) is a not-for-profit agency that provides hot, nutritious meals and salad options for schools and other facilities. FSP hot lunch is entirely optional for all students. Menus and meal plans are provided one month in advance and orders are placed and paid for online at (formerly Students may order as few as one meal during a month, or opt for a hot lunch every school day. Daily milk service is separate from the FSP meal plan.

  • Can I just order milk for lunch? How do I pay?

    Milk is optional and is ordered and paid for in advance for the entire school year. Dean's 2% white and chocolate milk are offered through Mori Milk company, and the cost is subsidized by the state of Illinois. This way you are assured your child will always have milk at lunchtime, regardless of his or her participation in the FSP or Mothers' Club hot lunch programs. Occasionally there are extra milks available for purchase on a daily basis for .25 but please do not count on this as availability depends on how many children are absent on a given day. As consideration is given to absences when calculating the annual cost of milk per student, milk refunds are not issued for absentees.

  • What is Mothers' Club Hot Lunch?

    The SJS Mothers' Club sponsors pizza, hot dog, or McDonald's lunches for the kids on one Friday of each month. Participation is optional and selections are made and paid in advance at the beginning of the school year for the entire year. Watch for announcements at the beginning of the school year for ordering information. Refunds are not provided for absentees.

    Mothers' Club

  • What is spirit wear and where can I get it?

    Spirit wear is clothing imprinted with the St. Juliana logo or name, whether it’s a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sports jersey. Occasionally during the school year we’ll host out-of-uniform days for K-8 students to dress in spirit wear, and of course preschool students may wear their SJS gear at any time! If your child doesn’t have SJS spirit wear, they may always dress in our school colors of green and white on spirit-wear days. There are three spirit wear order opportunities during the year, in fall, at Christmas and in the spring, and the order form will be sent home with students.

  • Who can wear khaki uniform pants to school?

    Only junior high boys and girls may wear khaki pants purchased through our uniform supplier, Lands' End. Standard policy is to be followed for shirts (evergreen preferred for boys; white or evergreen for girls.)

    Uniform Policy

  • What do the children wear for gym?

    Students are to wear their gym uniforms and shoes to school on gym days, for the entire school day. Gym shoes are only allowed on gym day. Our gym uniform must be purchased from Lands' End, and it consists of a performance t-shirt, mesh shorts and sweatpants, all featuring our school monogram. Shorts are to be worn until October 15, and after April 15, or by special announcement for weather-related reasons.

  • What is our Lands' End (uniform supplier) preferred school code?


  • What type of sweatshirt/sweater can my child wear in the classroom?

    Children are welcome to wear any type of cold-weather clothing to school, but once they're in the classroom only the navy uniform swearshirts and fleece wear sold by Lands' End may be worn. Both the sweatshirts and fleece items (zippered jacket and vest, half-zippered pullover) feature the SJS logo. SJS athletic or spirit-wear sweatshirts are not acceptable uniform attire except on designated spirit-wear days.

    Uniform Policy

  • Can my child bring a cell phone to school?

    Yes, however, the phone must be turned off during the school day and stored in a backpack, book bag or locker, not in the student's desk or pocket where it can be used, seen or heard during school hours. The unapproved use of cell phones and all other personal electronic devices, such as iPods, Kindles, iPads, etc., is prohibited during school hours. Parents should continue to call the school for any emergency situation; we will contact your child. Please do not call or text their phone during the school day.