SchoolMessenger Emergency System

Our school is partnered with SchoolMessenger (formerly SchoolReach,) a leader in the field of broadcast voice, SMS and email communications. In the event we need to reach a large number of families in a short period of time, such as for an emergency school closing, we'll send alerts using the SchoolMessenger system. We use contact information parents provide at the beginning of each school year on the Emergency Contact Profile. If you change your home, mobile or work phone number, or email address, please notify the school office or use the SchoolMessenger Parents App to update your contact information.

How it Works

Voice Calls

When we create an emergency message, the SchoolMessenger system will generate a voice call to all landline (home and work) and mobile phone numbers we have on file for each family. The callerID will reflect our main number: 773.631.2256. When the SchoolMessenger call is answered, the pre-recorded message from our school will automatically play. When you answer the call there may be a delay of a few seconds before our message begins to play; please do not hang up or repeatedly say "hello." If our incoming call is transferred to voicemail, a message will be left with information how to retrieve our recorded broadcast message. If a call is unanswered, it will go into a queue and it will be retried every 15 minutes. To retrieve our voice message from SchoolMessenger, follow the prompts in the message, or call the message retrieval line (855.955.8500) from any of the phone numbers we have on file for you.

SMS (Text) Messages

When an emergency SMS (text) message is broadcast, it will automatically be sent to all mobile numbers on file. The sender number will be 773.631.2256, our main school number. Please do not reply to the SMS message as it cannot be delivered.

Email Messages

Emergency email messages will be sent to all email addresses we have on file for your family. The sender's address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not reply to that email address as it is not monitored.

Smartphone SchoolMessenger Parents App

Free apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows devices, enabling you to retrieve all SchoolMessenger system messages from your smartphone as well as update your contact information. Search your app store for SchoolMessenger Parents App to install.

Facebook & Twitter Integration

We have linked our Facebook and Twitter accounts to SchoolMessenger, and messages we send through SchoolMessenger can be piped to those outlets as appropriate.

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