School Advisory Board

Our school board consists of elected members who share more fully in decision-making and policy. By its nature, the local school board is advisory and agrees to operate following the policies and procedures set forth in the Leadership Manual for School Advisory Boards published by the Office of Catholic Schools. The board is accountable to the pastor and to the principal in its operation.


The purpose and responsibility of the school board shall be:

  • to review and approve the annual budget prepared by the principal and to make recommendations regarding sources of funding;
  • to participate in an effective and constructive process of reviewing the principal's performance;
  • to act as the public relations arm of the local school;
  • to invite all parents to attend monthly school board meetings whereby parents can articulate their concerns and interests regarding the school.

Members agree that they will use their talents, gifts and insights for the common good of the community to promote the mission and goals of Catholic education. They will defer their personal agendas in order to discern with other members the issues, concerns and challenges they face in meeting the educational needs of the students. Not only will they take seriously their role as advisors to the pastor and principal, but also they will accept the conditions of membership on the school board, namely the Code of Ethics, which describes the parameters of their collaboration and responsibility.


Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday evening of the months September through June at 7:00pm in the school library. Minutes from the meetings are available on the board's blog. Parents and parishioners are also always welcome to contact the school board directly with any questions or concerns they have.


We are now accepting applications for school board members for the upcoming school year (2017-2018). If you are interested in lending your talents for the betterment of our school, whether you have served on the school board in the past or would be a first-time member, please consider applying for the role. A general job description and list of sub-committees can be found here. To apply, please print and complete the paper application or use the online application form linked below:

School Board Application

Advisory Board Guidelines

Guidelines for all archdiocesan schools are developed by the archdiocesan school board and administered by the superintendent of schools. At the parish level it is the responsibility of the pastor and principal to see that such guidelines are followed in the parish school. Decisions for our school, then, are made by the parents, the parish school advisory board, the faculty, staff and principal, and the pastor, following guidelines set forth by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

2016-2017 School Advisory Board
Rev. James Wallace, Pastor
Katrina McDermott, Principal
Joan Lynch, President
Jennifer Bielfeldt Kellie Dore
Maggie Kane MaryEllen Lally
Andrea Minogue Tom Shea
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