Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) Tuition and Fees · 2019-2020

Registered Parishioners:
  • $250 for one child
  • $300 for two children (siblings)
  • $350 for three or more children (siblings)
  • First Communion and Confirmation fees additional
  • $150 fee per family added to the above rates

Here is the calendar for Religious Education Dates and Events.

Here Are Weekly Reminders

What is a registered parishioner?

Registered parishioners are those who have officially joined Saint Juliana Parish and have been provided with a family ID/envelope number that is entirely numeric. If your family ID (found on your RE tuition statement) begins with NRF, you are registered only with the RE program and not as a parishioner.

We encourage you to officially join the parish; you may use our convenient online registration form or contact the parish office.

Active in your home parish?

Families who currently belong to another parish and wish to send their children to our RE program are most welcome. We will waive the $150 non-parishioner fee for families registered with another parish upon receipt of a letter from your pastor confirming your parishioner status. Please direct this letter to the attention of Diane Holmen in the parish office by September 15.

Not Registered with any Parish

Families who are not active parishioners with a parish will be assessed the $150 non-parishioner fee.

Making Payments

Tuition and the non-participating family fee will be billed in two installments due September 1 and October 1. A $50 late charge will be assessed for unpaid tuition balances after November 15. You may pay in full at any time.

RE Facts

Classes are open to families with students in grades one through eight who attend a public or non-Catholic private school, or are home-schooled. Instruction in the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion (second year) and Confirmation (seventh year) is provided.

Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 8:00pm.

Please note that sacrament preparation is a two-year process and attendance for both the first and second instruction levels of RE is required for the reception of Reconciliation and First Communion in second grade, and attendance for both sixth and seventh is required for the reception of Confirmation in seventh grade.

All St. Juliana Religious Ed catechists are in full compliance with the Archdiocesan standards published by the Office for the Protection of Children & Youth.

If you are interested in joining our RE program as a catechist, please contact our coordinator of religious education, Patty Collins for more information. 

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