Tuesday Theology Talks

Each week on Tuesday evening we offer a one-hour talk about a different theological topic. The presenter is our pastor, Father James Wallace, and we gather in the chapel, located in the ministry center building.

We hope you'll find the talks interesting and helpful in your faith formation. The talks are not interdependent of each other, so feel free to join us when you can. All are welcome!

Topics and dates are listed below; click the title for more information and a printable outline of the evening's topic. Scroll down for the recordings of previous sessions.

Tuesday Theology Talks to Resume on 4/2

4/2 - St Peter Outline for St Peter

4/9 - Women of the Old Testament Outline for Women of the Old Testament

5/7- Mary

5/14- St. Margaret Mary & the Sacred Heart

5/21- The Book of Revelation

5/28- Women of the Old Testament

6/04- St. Ignatius of Loyola

6/11- Sin & Morality

6/18- Sacred Art

Here is a recording of the session on St. Padre Pio

Here is a recording of the session on Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Part 1

Here is a recording of the session on St. Catherine of Siena Part 1

Tuesday Theology Talks Previous Sessions

Learn what prayer is and how to pray!

Fr. James Wallace, the pastor of Saint Juliana Parish, will be offering a four-week series on “Prayer and the Spiritual Life.” He will discuss the different styles and methods of prayer, including Lectio Divina, contemplation, devotional prayer like the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration, centering prayer, and more. The various “schools” of spirituality (Benedictine, Carmelite, Ignatian) will be presented, along with a history of prayer. The goal is not simply to teach about prayer, but to teach how to pray. In each session there will be a demonstration of prayer and a chance to pray, as well as the opportunity to share personal experiences of prayer and ask questions. People of all levels, from beginners to mystics, are welcome!

All sessions will last one hour, from 7pm to 8pm at the Saint Juliana Parish Center Chapel, located at 7200 N. Osceola Avenue, Chicago IL 60631. The sessions are independent—if you miss one you can still attend the others—and there is no charge. The only expectation of participants is that they themselves engage in private prayer throughout the week between sessions!

We hope you can join and experience a deepening of your prayer and your relationship with God, not to mention a greater sense of peace and fulfillment in your life!

11/6- St. Catherine of Siena

11/13- Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory

11/20- Angels & Demons

11/27- St. Padre Pio

12/4- The Blessed Virgin Mary

12/11- Handel’s Messiah

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