One of the most helpful things you can do as a faithful steward of our parish is donate through recurring electronic gifts at GiveCentral.

Donations can be deducted directly from bank accounts or transacted with credit/debit cards, on a monthly, weekly or other convenient basis. If you're unsure how to register, please contact our office and we'll be happy to assist you.

Recurring Sunday offerings provide the parish with year-round stability and allow us to best support our ministries and programs. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Register Here

Our online payment partner is, a secure (PCI-compliant) interface for making donations to our parish. You may make both one-time and recurring payments to the church or CCD by credit card (Visa, MC, Discover or American Express) or electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Church donations, special event payments, CCD tuition, memorial and special collection offerings are all accepted through GiveCentral. Tuition for St. Juliana School is paid through FACTS Tuition Management.

The first time you visit you can establish a payment profile, or you may use the Guest Pay option for a one-time payment.

Anywhere on our site that you see the gift box icon, it will be a direct link to GiveCentral's transaction interface.

GiveCentral FAQs

  • I really want to sign-up but I'm not that savvy with computers. Can you help me?

    Absolutely! You can come in to the parish office or call 773.631.4127. Have your payment information (credit/debit card or checking/savings account) handy and we'll help you get started.
  • Do I have to register (create a profile) to make a donation or payment?

    No, but If you wish to use the convenience of recurring donations, you will need to create a profile. With a profile you can also run reports based on your donation history and print records for tax purposes. Also, if you donate to multiple locations (church, high school, etc.,) you will see all your donations in one report
  • Is my credit card or bank information secure?

    Absolutely! GiveCentral adheres to the rules of security set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to prevent security breaches, and is fully PCI-compliant. We do not store your payment method data in the parish office and only you have complete control over whether parish administrators can view your confidential card and bank information in GiveCentral.
  • Does St. Juliana Parish keep all of my donations made at GiveCentral?

    Yes! Every penny of your donations made at goes to its intended recipient. There is no portion withheld or sent to Archdiocese or other group unless specifically directed. Your Sunday offerings stay at our parish, your sharing parish donations are sent to Ascension-St. Susanna, and second collection donations go to their respective organizations.
  • Will the parish receive less money if I make my donations with a credit card?

    Yes and no. While it’s true there are fees associated with electronic payments, we enjoy exceptionally low rates due to our non-profit status. And, that low transaction discount is defrayed by savings in labor and other costs associated with handling paper and cash donations. To minimize the impact of transaction fees, we do request that the minimum contribution amount be $10. This can be $10 weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. So if you've budgeted $5 per week for your church offering, please set up a $10 bi-weekly recurring schedule, rather than a $5 per week schedule. Thank you.
  • Won't it look odd if I don't put anything in the Sunday collection basket?

    So many people donate electronically, or write just one offering check per month (paper checks are expensive!) that it's becoming quite common to see churchgoers skip the offering basket. No one will give it a second thought, but if you would like to drop a note in the basket indicated you've paid online, please feel free to do so. your social media marketing partner
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How to Reach Us

  • 7200 N Osceola Ave
    Chicago IL 60631
    Tel 773.631.4127
    Fax 773.631.4150

  • 7400 W Touhy Ave
    Chicago IL 60631
    Tel 773.631.2256
    Fax 773.631.1125

Click the colored map pins for a pop-up with building information and photo. Detailed contact information and staff directories also available.

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Chapel and Parish Center

Chapel and Parish Center

The chapel, parish business office, religious education (CCD) office and several meeting rooms are housed in this building. The main entrance door is on Osceola Avenue at the south end of the building (closest to Touhy.) Street parking on Osceola is available, and in the parking lot behind the school. The building is not handicap-accessible, there are are short steps for entry.
Saint Juliana School

Saint Juliana School

The main entrance is on Osceola Avenue, at the south end of the building, closest to Touhy Avenue. Limited street parking is available; the parking lot north of the building provides ample parking. There is a handicap-accessible entrance on Oketo Avenue, through the connected Ahearn Activity Center.
Saint Juliana Church

Saint Juliana Church

The main entrance doors are on Oketo Avenue and there are also two side entrances on Touhy Avenue. Street parking is available on Oketo, and also in the parking lot behind (north of) the school. The main entrance is ramped for handicap access however there are no ADA-compliant restroom facilities in the church.


The primary residence of our clergy, visits are by appointment only. There is limited street parking on Osceola north and south of Touhy Avenue, and in the parking lot north of the school. There is one step to enter and there are not handicap-accessible facilities.

Ahearn Activity Center/Gym

The home of St. Juliana School sports teams, this building also hosts weekly Bingo on Fridays and many other parish and school events. The main entrance is on Oketo Avenue and is handicap-accessible. There are ADA-compliant restroom facilities in the Ahearn Center.