The Experience Jesus Campaign

Purpose Leads to Projects

Sunday → Back and interior of church

School → School elevator and courtyard

Service → Parish Ministry Center


Parish Ministry Center

  • Sell the rectory at 7158 N. Osceola and renovate half of the Ministry Center into priests' new residence
  • Enhance the first floor conference room and add three new conference rooms on second floor
  • Reconfigure and improve office space

School Improvements

  • Build elevator in school to access all levels and fulfill promise made in Project 2000 campaign
  • Build school courtyard
  • Design and implement five-year plan for Saint Juliana School

Church Improvements

  • Remodel vestibule into ADA-compliant gathering space, new restroom facilities, and a large multi-purpose area for meetings, children's Liturgy of the Word and Sunday daycare
  • Physically and liturgically enhance the church interior

Launch Financial Campaign

  • We will obtain estimates and plans for each of the projects.
  • We will direct funds from To Teach Who Christ Is and raise additional funds, creating milestones to identify when a project will commence.
  • We will develop a plan to ensure all Saint Juliana parishioners and families participate on various levels.

The new mission will be executed and supported by parishioners, the pastoral council, school board, finance council and parish staff.

Pastoral Council


Finance Council

Funding the Vision
Review Proposals

School Board

School Vitality
Coordination with Parish

Parish Staff

Support & Implementation

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