Faith & Spiritual Development

All of God's children are "saints in the making."

At Saint Juliana we are interested in the complete and integral formation of our students. This formation includes the child's academic, emotional, moral, artistic, athletic, and, ultimately, spiritual needs.

We seek to foster not just an intelligent student, but a well-rounded, healthy and virtuous student. It is a sacrifice to send your child to a private, Catholic school and we thank you; it is an investment in your child you will not regret. Your son or daughter will graduate from our school not merely with intelligence, but with goodness. Graduates from Saint Juliana School are good people. Instilling goodness is an intangible element of a Catholic school, and one reason why you make the sacrifice to place your child in our hands.

Catholic Identity Theme

Each school year we center our activities around a key theme; for 2017-2018 we're all "bucket fillers," based on the book, How Full Is Your Bucket?

In addition to daily emphasis on the bucket-filling concept, we gather all students together first thing in the morning three times a week to start the day in a positive way as a school community. We'll be sharing highlights of our morning gatherings on Facebook and Instagram.

Make a Difference Monday

Every Monday morning all students and faculty gather in the gym at 8:10am for morning prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief inspirational story to give everyone a focus for the week. We might talk about random acts of kindness, inviting someone to play at recess or being kind to a younger sibling at home.

Way to Go Wednesday

Students and faculty meet in the gym at 8:10am for prayer and the Pledge, and to recognize a dozen or so students for their exemplary accomplishments. They may be recognized for their kindness, hard work in class or extra special effort in some way. We'll also highlight birthdays and special occasions.

Mass Every Friday

Students in K-8 attend Mass on Friday mornings, and are involved in both the preparation and celebration of the liturgy. The children's choir performs at these masses.

Religion Class

Students in all grades receive faith instruction during daily religion class. They learn about the treasures and traditions of our Catholic faith and are introduced to the concepts of human needs, justice, mercy, and peace. Personal, family, local and global concerns are addressed from a Christian perspective.

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Sacramental Instruction

Students receive instructional preparation for the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation during religion class.

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Service Opportunities

Within its outstretched, waving hands, our school logo displays the five fundamental components of our educational philosophy. The heart signifies caring and service to others, as well as respecting and taking care of oneself. This is a core element on which we focus at all times.

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Catholic Schools Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week 2020

January 26–January 31

Open House

Sunday, January 26

Family Mass · 9:30am

Bake Sale - 8:00am - 2:00pm

School Open · 11:00am–2:00pm