Mass Reopening


June 5, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

I'm happy to announce the Archdiocese has granted our parish permission to enter into Phase 2 of Reopening, which allows for the celebration of Mass!

To allow time for proper preparation and compliance, our first Mass will be Saturday, June 13th at 5pm in the main church.  Mass the next day will be Sunday, June 14th at 9:30am.  There will be daily Mass offered at 8:30am Monday through Friday in the main church.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available from 10:30 am until 11:30 am on Sundays.

Parishes across the Archdiocese are opening at various intervals based on their ability to gather supplies and volunteers, so we are blessed to be somewhat ahead of the curve on the reopening schedule.  Our plan is to add a second Sunday Mass, in addition to the Saturday evening Vigil Mass, on July 12.  Please be sure to check online for updates.

Also be sure to check online for the proper regulations for attending Mass (e.g. wearing a face mask, how to receive Communion, etc.).  Because the number of Mass attendees is limited to 20% of the church's seating capacity, the Archdiocese is requiring every parish to have a reservation system.  The first weekend, however, each individual Mass will be limited to only 50 attendees, per directive of the Archdiocese.  Starting June 20, we will be able to operate at 20% of our capacity.  Thank God we have a big church!

If you would like to attend Mass, therefore, please go on our website or click here to reserve your place.  Or, you may call the parish office (773-631-4127) to secure a reservation.  You may leave a message if you call after hours.

The Archbishop is still granting a dispensation to all Catholics from Sunday Mass.  As has been the case for the last several months, there is no obligation presently to attend Mass, especially if you are not able to do so.  The parish will continue to post Sunday Virtual Masses online for your spiritual benefit.

If you are willing to help assist at Mass (checking people in beforehand, escorting worshipers to marked pews, sanitizing hands, cleaning pews after Mass, and so on), please email the parish office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Thank you for your willingness to serve.

These are troubling times in our city and world, so I hope this news provides a little consolation.  More importantly, I hope the opening of the church and the celebration of Mass will allow us more time for prayer and sanctification.  Only the Lord can grant us the peace, health, and holiness we need.  May we open our hearts to him and his grace.  

Thank you for your support and your dedication.  I remain,

Yours in Christ,
Fr. James Wallace


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