Angel Museum Trip

In place of the Friendship Club's regular monthly meeting on May 17, they're traveling to Beloit, Wisconsin for a tour of The Angel Museum. This trip is open to all St. Juliana parishioners (and guests) as well as neighboring parishes.

The Angel Museum is a non-profit organization that emphasizes angels as symbols for what is joyful, noble and good in this life, without promoting specific religions or theologies. Rather, their mission is to promote a unique and personal experience to stimulate and enrich the human spirit. Their collection features over 11,000 angels and angel artifacts made of over 100 different materials... from fine porcelain to macaroni. It includes The Berg Angel Collection as well as Oprah’s Angel Collection (over 600 black angels donated by Oprah Winfrey). The museum also features original stained glass windows, lanterns and pre-Renaissance architecture typical of churches in small Italian villages (and of course a gift shop!)

$50 includes bus, museum tour and lunch. Reservations with payment must be received by May 10. To sign up and for more please contact the parish office here, or call 773.631.4127.

Angel Museum

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