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The Season of Hope

If you find yourself looking to recapture the true spirit of the season amid all the glitter, hustle and bustle of the "happy holidays" we have some suggestions that will help center your spirit, including an early gift from us to you, the book Jesus Shock!.

We're posting daily Advent messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but knowing that not everyone is "social" we've also sourced a free e-book filled with daily Advent meditations and reflections, that you can download.

Jesus Shock!

Jesus Shock!Our early gift to you this season is the book Jesus Shock! by Peter Kreeft. We invite you to pick up your copy from the back of church or the parish office beginning December 1 and to read it as your spiritual guide as we move toward Christmas.

In January, we'll be starting a book discussion group called the 3 Cs in Christ—coffee, conversation and contemplation—and Jesus Shock! is our first selection. The opening discussion will center on strengthening your faith in Jesus on Sunday, January 7 from 3:30–4:30pm in church, featuring Deacon Ed Dolan as the facilitator.

The second Jesus Shock! discussion will convene with Father James on February 4 from 3:30–4:30, also in church. We invite you to stay with us for 5pm Mass immediately following the discussions.

3 Cs in Christ Book Discussion

Advent Reasons for Hope

Reasons for HopeA handy resource to download to your computer, tablet or phone is the free e-book below, Reasons for Hope. It includes daily passages meditations, reflection questions and a short prayer for Advent.

Lord, watch over your people, who come to you in confidence. Strengthen the hearts of those who hope in you. Give courage to those who falter because of their failures. In this holy season of Advent, lead them closer to you in hope, by the power of your Holy Spirit. May they one day proclaim your saving acts of kindness in your eternal kingdom. Amen.

Reasons for Hope

Daily Messages

Deacon Robinson Ortiz and our seminarian residents, Hank Lyon and Joseph Mathews, worked together to provide you with an inspirational message for each day of Advent. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to automatically see the messages on your feed.

  • Today we begin a new liturgical year and the season of #Advent, four weeks to prepare ourselves for the coming of God. As you light the first candle, reflect: How have I celebrated Advent in the past? How will I celebrate this Advent?
  • "Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord," let us walk together this Advent toward the encounter of Jesus, our Savior.
  • It is the Savior of the world whom we await for in #Advent, the one who calls us to conversion.
  • In #Advent, we recognize in our lives the Word of God who is coming among us, the answer to our deepest questions.
  • The season of #Advent is a time of hope in the coming of the Prince of Peace. Bring peace to others!
  • Our Blessed Mother is an example of patience and love as she awaits for the birth of her son. Stay with her in this #Advent journey.
  • Christ's beauty breaks our hearts. Invite him to your life in this season of #Advent.
  • Today we begin the 2nd week of #Advent. John the Baptist cries out in the desert: "Prepare the way of the Lord." He is coming!
  • Behold, our Savior will come; we need no longer fear. We turn to Him in silent prayer with hopeful expectation.
  • The Light of the World will soon be upon us. Ask Jesus to shine His Light on your life, so you may see Him.
  • And Jesus said, “I will give you rest...learn from Me.” Pray: Jesus give Me your comfort, so that in your presence I may be transformed
  • “I am the LORD, your God, who grasp your right hand; It is I who say to you, “Fear not, I will help you.” Is 41:13
  • Prepare yourself in little ways, for when He comes in Christmas joy He will fill your heart with many blessings.
  • Jesus visited His people when He walked the earth. Now we can visit Him in the Eucharist! Go out to meet Him!
  • Today marks the 3rd week of #Advent. “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Indeed the Lord is near.” Phil 4:4-5
  • May God enable us to defend our faith just like St Joseph, who defended both Mary and child Jesus at times of peril. Third week of #Advent.
  • May God grant us the inner light to see Jesus in the tabernacle just like Elizabeth who saw the Savior in Mary's womb.
  • May God grant us the gift of humility which Mary had to be an instrument of God.
  • Let us discern the Holy Spirit working amidst us and acknowledge the Savior and His mother.
  • “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord." Let us adore and thank Him for all the graces that he has bestowed on us.
  • Let us adore and worship the one true God, who became man to be our spiritual nourishment.
  • Let us rejoice in God's mercy, for he allowed us to be his sons and daughters who commune with him through the Eucharist.
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