Bulletins & Publications

Weekly bulletins in PDF format are organized by year in chronological order. Click the caret icon next to any year to toggle open/close that year's list of weekly issues. Click the date to open a particular bulletin, which you may read online or download.

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Direct links to our annual financial reports, as excerpted from weekly bulletins, are listed here, and as time permits we're digitizing older bulletin issues from our hard-bound archive and will add them. If you're interested in a particular bulletin, say, to commemorate a 50th wedding anniversary or similar church-related event, contact us and we'll do our best to locate and publish it. Please allow ample notice.

Class composites for many St. Juliana School graduation years are published (jpg format; if you have one that we're missing and would be willing to bring it to the parish office, we'll be happy to scan and add it.