Prayer for Purification

What has passed our lips as food, O Lord, may we possess in purity of heart, that what has been given to us in time may be our healing for eternity

This secret prayer is prayed while purifying the sacred vessels: chalices and ciboria. It is prayed by the priests, deacons, acolyte (shout out to Tom Dombai) or an extraordinary minister of communion.


Love and Chastity

We have come to the last pairing of theological virtues with evangelical counsels. Our last coupling is love and chastity. In this exploration our aim has been to understand with greater clarity the evangelical counsels that the Church has practiced for centuries, knowing that the simple practice of these counsels opens our lives and our prayer life to participate even more in the inner Life of God.


Becoming a Deacon

The day of D iaconate ordination is huge in the life of a seminarian. It is a major step in saying “yes” to Christ. For one, it is the first time we physically lay down our lives and make seven promises to the bishop.

There were many memorable moments. The one that I want to reflect on is the moment when we receive the Book of the Gospels.

After the laying on of hands, thus receiving from the Holy Spirit the office of Diaconate, and being vested in the vestments of a Deacon, the stole and the Dalmatic (which is a shorter robe with sleeves that is worn over everything else), one by one my brother deacons and I knelt before the Cardinal for a third time. This was the moment when we received the tool for our labor, the Book of the Gospels.