Late to the faith never too late.

Dear Parishioners,

As the Bears get set to play the Packers this Thursday I take great consolation in the last line from today's Gospel: “Thus, the last will be first and the first will be last” (Matt 20:16). The Bears have been "last" a lot of late, while the Packers have been "first." Enjoy it now, Cheeseheads. Our time is coming.

But this isn't what I want to focus on this week. Jesus gives us the parable about the workers who are brought in at different parts of the day to labor in the field. They all receive the same wage. The ones who work eight hours receive the same pay as the ones who work one hour.

Some of us have been Catholics all of our life. We have been “working in the field” since 9am. Others have converted or have had a conversion experience later in life. I have been present with some folks who have converted on their death bed—the 5pm time slot. However long we have been Catholic, we are all equal in God's eyes.

That can be humbling to those of us who are Cradle Catholics. The challenge from the Gospel for us is to not only be sympathetic to those who experience Jesus later than we do, but to actually go out and try to bring them in to labor with us!

The Mundelein Seminary Appeal is this weekend. Our seminarian, Joseph Mathews, will be speaking at all the Masses. Thank you for your generosity to this collection, and please continue to pray not only for our seminarians, but for an increase in vocations to the priesthood.

On Monday, September 25th, Fr. Laurent and myself will lead a Night of Reflection with the Boy Scouts, Troop 965. The topic will be on the virtue of reverence; one of the many virtues the Scouting program seeks to foster in its young men. We are blessed to have a troop at our parish. The Scouts meet regularly on Mondays, take canoe and camping trips, and hold regular service and fundraising events, like the car wash in our parking lot back in June. Please encourage boys 10 years and older to consider becoming a Boy Scout.

The Tuesday Night Theology topic this Tuesday, September 26th at 7pm in the chapel will be "Classic Rock and Theology." We will examine the spiritual themes present in a variety of songs ("Let it Be" by the Beatles, for example) and look at the presence of God in such music.

This Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm in the church will be a meeting for all liturgical ministers: Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors/Commentators, Ushers, Sacristans. We will provide a theological formation for each of the particular ministries, as well as a training refresher and a recommissioning. If you are interested in becoming one of these ministers (or more), please come to this meeting. This will be your training and commissioning!

Saturday, September 30th should be a fun day—our school's homecoming! We will celebrate Mass with the sports teams at 8:30am in the Church, have a parade to Brooks Park, and then watch the JV and Varsity football games.

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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