In the Weeds

Dear Parishioners,

Our Lord's parables can be applied not just to the Kingdom of God at large, but to us individually. When we hear about the wheat and the weeds in the Gospel this Sunday (cf. Matt 13:24-30) there is a very personal message.

In the parable, the master tells the slave not to pull up the weeds. “Let them grow together until harvest,” he instructs. Sure, the parable informs us about the nature of the Church. The Church has “weeds”—flaws, sinners, and so forth. No field is perfect, and we should not grow too frustrated when confronted with this imperfection. The Church, though holy, will never be perfect.

The message to us: we also will never be perfect. We have our faults. We certainly have our virtues—the wheat—but it will never be the case that we are totally dominated by wheat. I suppose, then, we should not be too hard on ourselves and on the Church. If the Lord is “good and forgiving”, as we hear in our Responsorial Psalm (Ps 86:5), so can we be. Hopefully this is a bit of consolation to all you perfectionists out there!

The Experience Jesus Chronicles: Chapter Four

Allow me to provide a brief "buildings and grounds" update. The main message to take away from this fourth installment is that nothing has changed or been definitely decided. A small group of parishioners and myself—an "exploratory building committee" of sorts—is looking into the back of the church and the ministry center projects. We have contacted a number of architects who will provide us with an idea of what we can do to improve our buildings.


he purpose of renovating the ministry center is to improve this underutilized building. The ministry center could be a very attractive feature of our parish. We could have more (and nicer) meeting rooms with multi-media capacities for groups, as well as better office space to help our staff carry out its functions. The chapel will remain untouched. We would consider selling the rectory to help fund this project.

Just to be clear, the rectory is not on the market, and the back of the church and ministry center are not under any sort of construction. The exploratory committee is still in the very early stage of gathering information. I will keep you informed and consult you as we progress.

This is an exciting time for our parish. Improved physical structures can help us to better experience Jesus and bring more to people to St. Juliana so they can do likewise.

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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