Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Dear Parishioners,

We celebrate the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. We believe in a Triune God: three persons all co-equal as God. Though ‘three is one’ appears illogical, the Trinity can be reasoned out…somewhat. Instead of providing the theological rational of how Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one God and not three Gods, what I’d like to do here is propose more of a ‘what if’ scenario.

What if God was not a Trinity? That would mean, in one case, that Jesus Christ was not God. What would that be like? Our God wouldn’t have a human face. A personal relationship with God would be rather difficult. Or, what if the Holy Spirit was not God? Our God would not be with us presently on earth, but away from us in heaven. Or, what if God was not the Father Creator? We might not have the sense that God is in total control and guiding the entire world to its most fitting end.

It makes the most sense that God is three persons. If he were not Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God would be lacking, and then he would not really be God. But, as it is, God has everything going for him. And we are usually the beneficiaries of God’s goodness. Praise the Holy Trinity!

Emerald Society at the First Responders MassI want to once again thank everyone who was involved in the First Responder’s Mass last Sunday. It was a wonderful celebration. Thank you to Fr. Dan Brandt, chaplain of the Chicago Police Department, for his homily; Megan Aylward and the Emerald Society for the bagpipes; the CPD Honor Guard for posting the colors; Bob Conway for providing the old school fire engine; our parish choir for the beautiful music; and to all of our First Responders who were present. The Mass is just a small token of our appreciation for all that you do.

Thank you also for all who helped with the Farewell Mass for Joyce Browne and Pam Francisco this Sunday at 11am, as well as the reception afterwards in the Ahearn Center. Pam and Joyce, thank you for all your years of service to our parish. You have been an instrument of God’s love and grace to the St. Juliana community, and you will never be forgotten. Please see inside the bulletin for farewell messages from Joyce and Pam.

I will have a meeting with our bereavement ministers tomorrow morning, Monday, at 9:30am. The Bereavement Team is a very important ministry of our parish. These individuals meet with the family of the deceased individual to provide important details of having a funeral, to plan the funeral liturgy, and to be a source of comfort and consolation in the time of grief. Thank you to all of our bereavement ministers, and especially to Joyce Browne who has headed the team. I’m very grateful to Donna Furlan who will be taking over as head of the team. If you are interested in being a bereavement minister—again, a very worthwhile activity—please reach out to me.

School is officially out! Congratulations on a successful year, and have a safe and blessed summer. Students, if I may use a cliché, don’t take a vacation from God. And welcome back, Fr. Laurent, from your vacation in Africa!

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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