On the importance of the Resurrection

Dear Parishioners,

I teach 7th grade religion once a week in our school. Recently I asked them on a quiz to write a short-answer essay on why the resurrection is important. Here are some snippets of responses from the quizzes:

The Resurrection is important because when Jesus resurrected he opened the gates of heaven so we could live forever.

The Resurrection showed that Jesus was true to his word and also foreshadowed his coming again to judge all.

It shows that the power of God triumphs over everything else.

The Resurrection is important because when Jesus rose from the dead He was forgiven by God when all our sins were on him so our sins were forgiven too.

It is important because it shows us the power of God and shows us Jesus will always be here for us.

It is important because without it the disciples would've never had enough courage to continue teaching.

The Resurrection is important because it opened the Kingdom of God.

It is important because we know God can come again anytime because he did it before.

The Resurrection is important because it shows that Jesus is truly the Son of God. It also shows that Jesus kept his promise to his disciples saying that he wouldn't leave them as orphans.

Because everyone has to rise.

Thank you, my 7th grade students, for, as you so often do, teaching me. God love you!

As I mentioned last week, I would like to recognize our two individuals who have been participating in RCIA over the last several months and will be entering the Catholic Church in a couple weeks at the Easter Vigil: Mrs. Debra Gidd and Mr. Cullen Flanigan. They have been very dedicated to learning about the faith and growing in their relationship to Jesus Christ and his Church. It has been a privilege to walk with them on their journey. Please keep Deb and Cullen in your prayers and be sure to welcome them to the Church when you next see them! Thank you, Deb and Cullen, for responding generously to the Lord's invitation to come and see.

Thus begins Holy Week. I hope you will find time, if you are able, to join us throughout the week. We will be hearing confessions several times throughout the day on Monday. Then, all the priests of the Archdiocese will gather with Cardinal Cupich on Tuesday at Holy Name Cathedral for the Chrism Mass. At this Mass, among other things, Cardinal Cupich blesses the new holy oils, which I will bring back to our parish. Thursday at 7pm we have our Mass of the Lord's Supper, where Christ instituted the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Good Friday at 3pm is the Liturgy of the Lord's Passion with the Veneration of the Cross. I highly encourage you to take this day off from work, or at least the afternoon. This is one of the most solemn days of the year and it can be quite profound if you are able to find some time for quiet. Saturday at 7pm is the Easter Vigil and, of course, the next day is Easter! A complete schedule can be found in the bulletin. Please know of my prayers for you and your family during this most solemn time and, if you are traveling, be well!

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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