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Dear Parishioners,

When Christ says bluntly, “You are the salt of the are the light of the world” (Matt 5:13-16), we have a fairly uplifting message. We are, he tells us, fundamentally good. We have something good to share. Jesus wants us to share that goodness.

Remember this Gospel when you're having a bad day. Remember our Lord's message when you feel like dirt. Because you're not dirt. You're a good person. Let your light shine.

This past week we completed another successful Catholic Schools Week here at St. Juliana School. Whether it was the Sunday Open House or the faculty–students volleyball game, everyone came together and showcased the goodness of our school. We were even fortunate to have Dr. Jim Rigg, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Chicago, come to visit on Thursday and partake in some of our activities. Thank you for all who support St. Juliana School. Please spread the good word about us. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing and we could use your help in boosting our enrollment and making our school vibrant! Liking and sharing our social media posts will help us go viral in the best way:

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Our school board will meet tomorrow, Monday, February 6th. If you are interested in serving on our school board, or you have served on the board in the past and would like to help us once again, please let me know. And if you have some talent (finance, marketing, technology, fundraising, etc.) we would be thrilled to utilize your skills for the benefit of our school community.

Mary, Deaglan and Aisling McAndrewCongratulations to the McAndrews who are the recipients of this year's Sister Remy Schaul Service Award. Marty and Mary, along with their children Deaglan and Aisling, have been tremendously involved in our school and parish. Thank you, McAndrews, for your service. It is a well-deserved recognition! And congratulations to all those individuals who last Sunday received the Fred LaCerra Distinguished Service Award. You all truly are the salt of the earth!

We look forward to First Reconciliation this upcoming Tuesday evening for our second grade students in both our school and religious education program. It's never too early to introduce someone to God's infinite love and mercy. Perhaps if you yourself have not been to the sacrament in some time, you might consider coming back to experience our Lord's love and healing. We/He would love to see you.

Finally, we will be making an announcement at all the Masses this weekend about the Cardinal's Annual Catholic Appeal. Next weekend, February 11-12 I will preach at all the Masses about the appeal and the meaning of stewardship. The following weekend, February 18-19, we will hear from the Cardinal and then conduct the in-pew pledge. The Annual Catholic Appeal is a great opportunity to reaffirm our love for and commitment to our parish and our local church. We depend on your support to maintain our buildings and ministries, as well as to take St. Juliana to the next level of vitality. Thank you sincerely for being so generous. Thank you for letting your light shine.

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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