Chapter Three

My apologies for an administrative installment, but I want to let you know where we as a parish stand with regard to our finances and fundraising. Part of the Experience Jesus restructuring is meant to facilitate your involvement. It is also meant to make us as economical as possible. I take very seriously the call to be a good steward of your resources.

St. Juliana has been operating at a deficit, and for the current fiscal year the parish is budgeted for an ordinary operating deficit of over $111,000. The restructuring of our parish with Experience Jesus will save us more than $128,000 annually. We have eliminated our deficit and next year will operate with a surplus of over $1,200.

I have also decided that fundraising will not factor into our operating budget. We cover all the costs of the church and school (salaries and benefits, utilities, routine maintenance, etc.) mainly through Sunday collections and school tuition. (And, as I mentioned, we have not even been covering that cost—$111,000 deficit). But we still need funds to support the mission of our parish. Fundraising will go to our mission. Whatever we raise through fundraisers will be directed, thus, towards capital projects. We currently have money from fundraisers—mainly To Teach Who Christ Is–and we will begin to fulfill some of our projects, like redoing the back of the church. But there is much more we need in order to be a strong parish: a totally new security system for our school and church, an updated science curriculum in our school, a better parking lot, better meeting space, sound abatement in the gym, and so on.

It’s one matter to function; it’s another matter to grow—to have people experience Jesus. Hopefully these are steps in the right direction to increasing the vitality of St. Juliana.

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