Chapter One

On Easter Sunday I unveiled a vision for our parish: Experience Jesus. People are attracted to good experiences in life: a Cubs game, a movie, a concert. Well, Jesus is the best experience there is, better than any movie or game. Putting Jesus front and center is how we will be strong as a parish. St. Juliana is being restructured so that we can best Experience Jesus. If you missed the announcement about Experience Jesus, and how Sunday, School, and Service are our three means to experiencing Jesus, please click here to read about it.

Experience Jesus

I want to keep you as informed as possible about the progress of Experience Jesus, so I intend to write regularly to you. These ‘chronicles’ will include updates on our projects, like the renovation of the back of the church or the sale of the rectory, as well as goals for the parish.

One of the goals of Experience Jesus is to increase volunteer involvement from parishioners. You all have great ideas and energy, and your attractive personalities will bring others to Jesus. We need you active.

Please lend yourself to the parish, whether it’s being a sacristan in the back of the church one Sunday a month, ushering at a Mass, assisting with one of our fundraisers in the fall or spring, being a bereavement minister, teaching one night a week at CCD, taking on leadership with friendship club or family liturgy, and so on. Or perhaps there is a new ministry—Sunday Children’s Liturgy of the Word and Daycare, for example—you may consider creating.

St. Juliana is a place where you can use your God-given talents to help others and make the world a better place. Please reach out to me to get involved.

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