Experience Jesus Chronicles

Chapter Four

Allow me to provide a brief "buildings and grounds" update. The main message to take away from this fourth installment is that nothing has changed or been definitely decided. A small group of parishioners and myself—an "exploratory building committee" of sorts—is looking into the back of the church and the ministry center projects. We have contacted a number of architects who will provide us with an idea of what we can do to improve our buildings.

The purpose of renovating the ministry center is to improve this underutilized building. The ministry center could be a very attractive feature of our parish. We could have more (and nicer) meeting rooms with multi-media capacities for groups, as well as better office space to help our staff carry out its functions. The chapel will remain untouched. We would consider selling the rectory to help fund this project.

Just to be clear, the rectory is not on the market, and the back of the church and ministry center are not under any sort of construction. The exploratory committee is still in the very early stage of gathering information. I will keep you informed and consult you as we progress.

This is an exciting time for our parish. Improved physical structures can help us to better experience Jesus and bring more to people to St. Juliana so they can do likewise.

Chapter Three

My apologies for an administrative installment, but I want to let you know where we as a parish stand with regard to our finances and fundraising. Part of the Experience Jesus restructuring is meant to facilitate your involvement. It is also meant to make us as economical as possible. I take very seriously the call to be a good steward of your resources.


Chapter Two

At the end of June two members of our staff, Pam Francisco and Joyce Browne, will be retiring. Pam and Joyce have served our parish with such dedication for so many years. Pam arrived here in 1974 and has served both as Director of Religious Education and as Pastoral Associate, helping with the liturgies and working with a variety of groups. She originally taught at our Catholic school and quickly endeared herself to the community.


Chapter One

On Easter Sunday I unveiled a vision for our parish: Experience Jesus. People are attracted to good experiences in life: a Cubs game, a movie, a concert. Well, Jesus is the best experience there is, better than any movie or game. Putting Jesus front and center is how we will be strong as a parish. St. Juliana is being restructured so that we can best Experience Jesus. If you missed the announcement about Experience Jesus, and how Sunday, School, and Service are our three means to experiencing Jesus, please click here to read about it.