15 Sep


Father James opening prayer at Theology on Tap at Mo' Dailey's

Letters from a Pastor to His People- September 15, 2019

Dear Parishioners,

Compunction is a virtue we don't hear about too much anymore.  The only time it is mentioned in the Liturgy (to my knowledge) is on Ash Wednesday.  The priest says this prayer over the people at the end of the Mass:

Pour out a spirit of compunction, O God,

on those who bow before your majesty,

and by your mercy may they merit the rewards you promise

to those who do penance.

15 Sep

The Spirit of Christ Shall Rule!

When Theodore Roosevelt explored the Amazon River in 1913, he had as one of his crewmates Fr. John Zahm, a Catholic priest.  TR was actually good friends with Zahm, who was also a scientist and explorer himself.  Fr. Zahm was a priest from Notre Dame University.

15 Sep

Gospel, September 15, 2019

In the First Reading from the Book of Exodus, the molten calf has been built and the rebellious people have offered sacrifice to their god. The Israelites wanted to worship something they could see, touch and feel, not God Himself who gave them life, freedom and direction. This incident is a metaphor for Israel’s relationship with God. They were a people who constantly disobeyed and rebelled against God. But now, because of Israel’s idolatry, the Lord no longer identifies them as “my people”; they now belong to Moses. Moses’ plea to the Lord is both audacious and unselfish. The Lord listened to such an impassioned speech and turned away from the threatened punishment. In spite of Israel’s infidelity, the people remain the Lord’s own.

09 Sep

2019 Men's Golf Outing Thank You

  • 19 January 2020 |
  • Published in Events

Thank You from the Saint Juliana Men’s Club.

Back in August we held our annual Golf Outing at White Pines to raise funds for our school and our children.  We had 144 golfers participate; we all had fun and because of your generosity our fundraising efforts were successful.  In recognition of your kind support, we listed your business as a sponsor in our church bulletin; on our St Juliana Parish/School Web Site, and your tee sign was proudly displayed on the course at the outing. All of us at Saint Juliana; faculty, parents and children, and certainly members of the Men’s Club, thank you for your generous support. 

Best wishes,

Saint Juliana Men’s Club


08 Sep

Renounce and Detach

Father James with Blackhawks CEO, John McDonough at the 2018 Emerald City Gala

Letters from a Pastor to His People- September 8, 2019

Dear Parishioners,

When I decided to say yes to God's call to become a priest when I was in college, I remember one of the impositions of the priesthood that gave me some excitement was poverty.  Whereas I may have been a little afraid or at least uncertain of celibacy or obedience, I looked forward to renouncing the life of wealth and comfort.  And it hasn't disappointed seven years into priesthood.

08 Sep

"Potuit, decuit, ergo fecit"

In my 7th grade religion class over in the school the students often ask me "why" questions.  Why did God create the earth the way he did? Why seven and not eight sacraments? Why did he destroy the dinosaurs?

My response to them is the scholastic axiom, "Potuit, decuit, ergo fecit."  The quizzical stares fade to ones of disappointment when I offer the translation: "He could do it, he ought to have done it, therefore he did it."  

08 Sep

Gospel September 8, 2019

In the twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time, the First Reading is from the Book of Wisdom (9:13-18B). Today’s reading is from the prayer of Solomon in which he asks “Who can know God’s council, or who can conceive what the Lord intends? The answer is, of course, no one unless God chooses to reveal it. According to Solomon, wisdom knows and understands all things and will guide him and make his deeds acceptable. Only those to whom God has given wisdom through the only spirit sent from on high will know God’s counsel.

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week 2020

January 26–January 31

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