To Parents About First Communion

Adapted from a talk to parents about First Communion.

I did not play golf as a kid. I thought the game was too hard and that it was boring. I regret this. Why? Well, forming good habits and muscle memory is easier as a child than it is as an adult. I play golf now and if I had played it at a younger age I would be a lot better at it–at least that's what I tell myself–and would enjoy it even more.

It's similar to attending Mass. If a young person goes to Mass now, though he may have excuses for why he should not (it is boring, he has travel sports) he will be grateful when he is older. He will be comfortable in church and will be able to enter into the beautiful intricacies of prayer and the Mass. Like anything in life, whether it be playing a sport or an instrument, Mass has a beginner's, intermediate, and advanced level. The beginner's level is always difficult, but if we can persevere, we will be rewarded as we move into the more advanced levels.

If that is not enough to convince you, then know going to Mass can be an act of service. A young person or a family's presence at Mass enhances the experience for everyone, especially elderly people. Back to golf: it would have been a nice gift to my dad to play with him as a child, and to my mom–to get me out of the house. What is important in life is not always what you get out of something, but what you give to it. So, please, be patient and generous, and play golf...I mean, attend Sunday Mass.

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