Wedding on November 12

Adapted from the homily.

As we sit here in St. Clement's in Lincoln Park–a very circular church, mind you–it's fitting I mention our bride and groom's shared interest: the Daytona 500.

NASCAR seems to be simply a group of rednecks driving in a circle all day. Likewise, marriage, from an outside view, seems boring. But from what I'm told, NASCAR is anything but dull. There is an incredible energy from the racing cars in a stadium holding hundreds of thousands of spectators—where, by the way, you can bring in your own beer and food. Just like the Wedding of Cana we heard about, I doubt there is ever a shortage of drink at Daytona Speedway. It's a fascinating place to "people watch" and meet new types of individuals, and the event, contrary to appearance, gets more interesting as it progresses. The final 20 laps are the most thrilling.

There's a certain energy unleashed upon a man and woman united in God's eyes in a church. This energy, or grace, will make your life, Mary and Joe, fun. Though life will seem dull at times–trips to IKEA, changing diapers, paying college tuition–it won't be because you do these things together, and with the Lord. Your marriage, and particularly when you have children, will bring you into contact with new people. There will be some blowups, but crashes in racing are the most exciting part, right? And as you grow old together, your love will deepen and be even more satisfying. So, let's put those round rings on you and drop the flag on what will be the best race of your life.

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