A New Sunday Mass

Getting back into the swing of things. As summer is kicking off here, I have finally found my way back on a golf course. I was absolutely uncertain if my swing would come back right away. All of last season I spent extra time at the driving range trying to drill good habits into the muscles. Thankfully, when I stepped into the tee box, I was able to turn my brain off and swing. It is funny how the conscious mind can act as the backseat driver to the subconscious mind, which does things best by habit and repetition. Don’t think, just swing.

It got me thinking about all of us slowly returning back to Sunday Mass. I miss seeing all of you, and we are all eager to get our liturgical season back underway in person. Something we might have to keep in mind is how things might look differently when we return to Mass. There might still be some health guidelines we have to observe such as, wearing a mask, hand sanitizing, not shaking hands, etc. All of these precautions can be a distraction to our mind. I know I’m always distracted by something new at Mass. We, in our human nature, enjoy habit and routine. It allows part of our mind to turn off and be at rest. I would venture to guess that it’s the part of the mind that is always on the alert for the unknown and unexpected. I realize the new precautions that might stick around for awhile can cause distress. “I just want to pray without these hindrances; everyone looks funny, etc.” A way to relieve the potential for greater distractions is to close our eyes and let our ears remember the words that signal our movements during the Mass. Don’t think about the distractions, close your eyes to help enter into the quiet of your soul, and pray. The biggest relief we will all feel is being back in the Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle, all of us gathered around Him who brings order into the chaos.

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