Oh, the cellphone, can’t live with it and can’t live without it. It seems to have everything I need, yet I don’t need to be always looking at it. What did we ever do before cellphones? Maybe we had more peace of mind? If the cellphone isn’t going away, then let’s sanctify it. Let’s use the cellphone to glorify God and sanctify our days instead of distracting us from our day. A great way to do this is to download the iBreviary App on your smartphone.

The Breviary itself is the official prayer of the Catholic Church. All bishops (the pope), priests, deacons, religious are required to pray the Breviary, which is divided into 7 “hours” of prayer throughout the day. Don’t worry, it does not literally take an hour to pray each “hour”. This prayer of the Church is also meant for all lay people. It was a great desire of the Second Vatican Council for the Breviary to be a part of the spiritual lives of the lay faithful.

The iBreviary App is very easy to use. Upon opening the App, the home page displays the saint of the day, the liturgical season and comes in a variety of languages. Swiping to the right, a menu appears showing you the Breviary itself, the Roman Missal (big red book at Mass), Readings of the day for Mass, Various Prayers, and Rites (rituals that priests perform). Tapping “Breviary” will open up the five “hours” of prayer. A good way to begin praying the Breviary is not to try and pray every “hour”.

Begin with just one “hour”. If you feel that you pray better in the morning, then pray Morning Prayer; if you pray better at night, pray Evening Prayer. The App makes praying each hour very straight forward, just keep scrolling down. It provides instructions in red and what to pray in black. There is an option to begin Morning Prayer with what is called the Invitatory Psalm, typically Psalm 95. Starting with the Invitatory you do not make the Sign of the Cross but instead trace the cross over your lips (like at the Gospel during Mass) and say the words, “Lord open my lips and my mouth will proclaim your praise”. Otherwise, each “hour” begins and concludes with the Sign of the Cross but with different words, as indicated in the App. Enjoy!

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