The Kingdom of God

Marvel caught my eye again with their epic hero movie, Black Panther. I was especially gripped by the awesome kingdom of Wakanda. This very technologically advanced kingdom is embedded in the luscious jungles of Sub-Saharan Africa. How did such a combination of technology and natural beauty come to be? Way back in its history, a meteorite of unknown origin struck the kingdom. Within the space rock the inhabitants discovered a highly advanced metal which they called, virbranium. It has the ability to absorb, store and release large amounts of kinetic energy. The suit Black Panther wears is made of vibranium, and interestingly enough is the same material Captain America's shield is made from.

There was another curious power of vibranium, a mutagenic property. It radiates throughout the entire kingdom of Wakanda, affecting the flora and fauna in beautiful ways. From the mutagenic properties of virbranium a mysterious heart shaped herb began to grow; the one who eats this heart shaped fruit possess the power and strength of the Black Panther. In order for the Wakandans to protect themselves from the rest of the world seeking their technology and mutated ecosystem, they devised a magnetic shield that caused Wakanda to disappear before any map or human eye.

I can’t help but make a connection to the Kingdom of God. Don’t worry I’m not trying to make this up on my own, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has my back on this one. Benedict wrote a book, “Jesus of Nazareth,” in it he writes, “the "Kingdom of God" is not to be found on any map. It is not a kingdom after the fashion of worldly kingdoms; it is located in man's inner being. It grows and radiates outward from that inner space." An invisible kingdom and something radiating and growing, the kingdom of God grows within us when we participate more in our spiritual life, though it is invisible. Also, if we consume the “heart shaped” fruit from the tree of the Cross, i.e. the Sacred Heart of Jesus, now found in the Eucharist, the graces will cause our hearts to become like His.

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