Feast of the Holy Trinity

Father James attempts to explain the Holy Trinity to a group of kindergartners. The Trinity doesn't get any easier to comprehend with age, kids!

Letters from a Pastor to His People- June 16, 2019

Dear Parishioners,

"I will give you what is mine and declare it to you" (John 16:15).  Growing up, my parents used to refer to possessions in the first person plural: our house, our backyard, our car.  It impressed me because my siblings and I did nothing to earn these things.  We were not entitled to them. But that is how generous my parents were.  They took what was rightfully theirs and declared it to us.  I'm sure many of you parents do the same.  What love, what generosity!

We celebrate the Holy Trinity today which affirms for us, among other things, God's generosity and love.  The fact that God is relational from all eternity tells us that God is not alone.  If God was one and not three, he would be alone, which means he would need to create the world for relationship.  This means he would need our love, our worship, our holiness; and if he needed it, he would be angry if he didn't receive it.  But the Trinity tells us God is perfect in himself.  He is totally dependent and not in need of us.  He created us to allow us to share in the beauty and love that God is.  What God has, he declared to us.  That is what the Trinity tells us. 

Think about a flaw or imperfection you have; or something you wish you were better in.  Not something superficial, like 'I wish I had more money' or 'I wish I could dunk a basketball'.  No, something personal and authentic.  Then, I want you to ask God to share that quality you lack with you.  Because God has it—he's perfect—and he's willing to declare it to you. 

I'll give you an example.  I pray God would give me a greater focus in the present moment.  I tend to gaze at what's ahead of me: the upcoming appointment, the email I haven't yet responded to, the future event.  The present can pass me and I never quite enter into it fully.  I ask God to give me this intentionality.  I know he has it.  I know Jesus cares about me right now.  He's not thinking about something in the past or future.  And same with you.  God is very focused on you right now.

So, please think about what you would like to have and then ask the Holy Trinity for it.  When you receive it, then perhaps we'll praise the Holy Trinity together!

There will be a representative from Stroke Scan Plus speaking briefly at all the Masses this weekend about a special opportunity to sign up to receive a preventative ultrasound screening.  This will check for, among other things, potential stroke due to blocked neck artery and cancers of internal organs.  Normally you would need to show symptoms to receive such a comprehensive scan. We wanted to make this available to you all for the benefit of your health.  You can sign up for a time slot in the back of the church this weekend.  Scans will be held here at the parish on Thursday, June 27th.  More information about the screening can be found at www.strokescan.com.

I will be away beginning next Friday for my annual silent retreat.  I will be completely off the grid and in total silence (no phone, no internet, no contact with the outside world). I look forward each year to my retreat.  This is my personal, uninterrupted time with the Lord, the love of my life.  It's like going on vacation with your spouse or family or best friend.  If there is an emergency, please leave a message with the office.  Otherwise, you will be in my prayers, as you are daily. 

Beginning this weekend there will be no music at the Sunday 5pm Mass.  Everything else will be normal, just no music!  We’d like to give Glenn and our wonderful musicians a break and simply for the summer months.  We will resume music at the Sunday 5pm Mass after Labor Day.
Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all our men in the parish.  God bless you!


Yours in Christ,

Fr. James

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