Steve Silich

After I attended daily Mass recently, I jumped on the Kennedy and headed downtown to work. Sure, I
could take the train, but I enjoy using the time to think, reflect and pray.

As I was sitting in traffic (which you all can relate to), I started to think about those who have lost their
way from God and the church. What happened that they no longer participate in the Mass?

I started to look around at the buildings off of the expressway and I saw signs of God everywhere! There
were crosses on church steeples in every direction, pictures, messages and statues of Mary. A little
further down I saw rosaries hanging from rearview mirrors.

God is all around us, all of the time. We sometimes just need to stop, slow down and look around. I was
amazed by all of the signs of God that I saw once I opened my eyes and started to look.

I think it our duty as Catholics to help people find their way back to the church. If you know someone
that has lost their way from the church I would encourage you to tell them to slow down, stop and look
around. They might just find God somewhere they have never looked. Even sitting in rush-hour traffic!

Steve Silich is a father of two SJS students in kindergarten and 4 th grade, a Chick-fil-A
restaurant owner along with his wife Lauren, and has been a lifelong parishioner of Saint

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