Steve Baggio

Christ in Chicago, August 13, 2017

Have you ever noticed that someone whistling is always in a good mood?
I don’t know if it is even possible to whistle and be in a bad mood!
That is how I feel about singing! Singing always seems to make me feel better!

My wife Lee and I joined the St. Juliana Choir ten years ago. Margie Shiel, our Music Director, posted a
notice in the parish bulletin for an open house about joining the choir. We decided to check it out, as
we thought it might be fun to do together. We never sang in a group before and were not really sure of
our abilities. We quickly discovered a great group of parishioners who lend their voices to the liturgy
when they sing (and made a lot of new friends!). The point is not whether anyone has a great voice, but
what we lend collectively to encourage our congregation to join in these wonderful hymns, psalms and
Mass parts. I am always surprised that more people don’t sing at Mass. Maybe they are not
comfortable in how they think they sound.

I remember years ago sitting next to a woman who sang everything off key. But she sang with great
enthusiasm! Her face lit up when she sang, lifting her voice to God in heaven. She understood! She
experienced Jesus, working toward being the-best-version-of-herself! I loved sitting near her!

St. Mother Teresa once famously said, “Do small things with great love”.
Next time you are at Mass, let me hear you sing!

Steve Baggio is a Farmers Insurance Agent, member of the Pastoral Council, Music Ministry, Knights of
Columbus and a parishioner for 20 years.

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