Chris Kiefer

Years ago, as our 3 year old daughter watched Fr. Phil with his large presence and commanding voice
stretch out his arms and begin the Mass, she looked up at my husband and me in awe and asked, “Is
that God?”

What’s your image of God? What does He or She or It look like to you?

Several years ago I went through a long period of struggling with my faith and my prayer life. I tried and
tried for a long time to pray without success. I read books, listened to spiritual teachers of all sorts to no
avail. Finally, in utter desperation, I called out to God and told Him that if I could only see what He
looked like, put a face to the name, I would be able to pray again.

To my amazement, God answered me immediately! Not with a face or a body as I had been trying to
visualize but with an experience I will never forget!

My body was hit with a sudden stream of the brightest purest silver-white light pouring down on me.
This shower of light sent waves of energy through me and enveloped me in a sensation of being deeply
and completely loved beyond anything I have ever experienced. God showed me in no uncertain terms
that His substance is unconditional love and light.

As you can imagine, this amazing encounter with God’s presence has altered my life dramatically. I sure
don’t have difficulty praying anymore! I basically pray all the time – to a God who is ever present,
powerful beyond human understanding and loving beyond words.

This brief profound experience has left me with a peacefulness in my soul and the unshakeable
knowledge that GOD IS REAL! It has given me reason to continue to seek Him out through prayer,
service and in everyday life.

I’d like to share a prayer that was divinely spoken to me;

Let God’s perfect light encircle you, love you, heal you, guide you. Amen!

Chris Kiefer is a Pediatric Nurse at Shriners Hospitals for Children and has been a parishioner of Saint
Juliana for over 28 years.

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