Luann Bobko

Bring yourself to Church… and take Church back home with you. Mass ends, but Church does not.
There are many things you can take with you. Something you can feel… holy water on your fingertips; a
priest’s handshake. Something you can read… a Sunday Bulletin; a “3-C’s” book selection. Something
you can remember… a great Homily. Sit and listen, really listen… maybe close your eyes to not be
distracted. Don’t think about where you’re going after Mass, or what’s for dinner. We have many great
homilies… keep them with you! You may remember a few that began with golf anecdotes, characters
from “Peanuts” comic strip, or great tales from India. Here are a few that have stayed with me for a
very long time (thanks Fr. Art!)
We’re all connected. Have you spoken to someone you know, and found out you have something in
common that you did not know about? Maybe you grew up in the same parish or went to the same high
school… there’s a connection. Do you see the same people at Sunday Mass? You are all in the same
church, sitting in your usual places… there’s a connection. Did you randomly help a stranger, or donate
anonymously to a charity? There’s a connection.
We’re not okay, but that’s okay with God. If you ever feel inadequate or doubt yourself… that’s okay.
If you have a hard time making certain decisions in life and ask for help… that’s okay. If you don’t feel
worthy or good enough for certain ministries, sign-up anyway… that’s okay. We are made in God’s
image, but we are not perfect… that’s okay.
Do you want to make God laugh? Write something on your Calendar! I’m old-fashioned and still have
a large wall calendar, LOL :) To this day, I hesitate when lifting a page to write on the next month! OMG,
am I jinxing myself? How can I plan something way in advance? God is definitely laughing… only He
knows what I’ll really be doing that day. However, I try to stay positive (& organized) and keep writing…
and hope & pray for the best!
Bring yourself to Church… we’re just not a family without you.

Luann Bobko is “semi-retired” from the Printing/Graphics field, and is a 32-year S.J. parishioner, with
her husband Mike (ret. CPD) & daughter Janine (SJS ’95).

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