Steve Baggio

In 2012, I noticed something in me that was missing, kind of a hole in my soul.  I concluded I wasn’t doing enough for charity.  Like a lot of folks, I made financial donations to certain charities, but I wasn’t actively involved. 

That Fall, I was at Mass where a member of the Knights of Columbus came and introduced himself to the parishioners.  He talked about the Knights’ activities, and I learned that this group was actively involved in various charitable endeavors.  I met with him after mass and decided to join!  When I attended my first meeting, I was surprised to see Fr. Steve Kanonik in attendance.  We talked and he told me he had been a member of the Knights for a long time. He was currently serving as Chaplain of our council (as Fr. James is now).  Fr. Steve was happy to see me and glad I joined.

Since joining, I have been involved with fundraising to benefit St. Juliana’s SPRED program.  I have also met with representatives at various organizations that assist those with developmental disabilities where I get to see firsthand how our contributions help those people in need.  A door was opened to a world I never had seen.  Knights also volunteer at Special Olympics events.  If you ever want to make a difference is someone’s life, this is a great place to start!

The Vocations Raffle raises funds to financially assist our seminarians.  It is rewarding to know the Knights are doing something to directly benefit these men as they enter the priesthood.  They have enough challenges ahead of them without worrying about tuition expenses!

Finally, what stands out for me are the men I have met since joining.  I never expected to make new, lifelong friendships by joining any organization!  We have golf and bowling leagues and enjoy fellowship activities like retreats! 

The Knights of Columbus will be at all the masses the weekend of October 28th.  Any man interested in learning more is welcome to meet with us.  Vocation raffle tickets will also be on sale to support our seminarians.  Go make a difference!

Steve Baggio is married to Lee and has been a Saint Juliana parishioner for 21 years.   

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