Linda Moylan

As far as I can remember, God was always a part of my life.

Growing up on the southwest side of Chicago, my siblings and I were raised with a Catholic education. Here, as well as at home, I was taught about God and the importance of having Him in my life.

I must admit though, by the influence of some of the nuns who taught me during my younger years, I first feared Him. I believed, in order for God to love and accept me into heaven when I died, I must be perfect. By ‘being perfect’ I mean obeying the Ten Commandments at all times. However, as I started to get a little older, I realized we are all human and weak. And because of this we are not perfect and will fail at times throughout our lives. But no matter what, God will always love us.

God has always been the center of my life. So much so, that He is a part of everything I do. I talk to Him daily about everything that’s going on in my life.

When my Mother became seriously ill, and was enduring a lot of suffering through the final years of her life, I turned to God, as well as the Blessed Mother, always praying to them both; asking them to help me through this difficult time in my life.

When it was inevitable that my Mother was dying, and we needed to put her in a nursing home, I was overwhelmed with such grief. It consumed my every thought, I worried constantly on how she would adapt to being in a nursing home.

One night, after coming home from work, I laid across my bed, and asked God to carry this burden for me, trusting Him that all will be well. I immediately felt a sense of peace.

Two and a half days later my mother died in the hospital, never making it to the nursing home. I believe now, more than ever, God will never give me more than I can handle….He walks beside me always.

Linda Moylan works for Lurie Children’s Hospital. She and her husband Chet have been Parishioners for 26 years.

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