I Love You Lord, My Strength!

Dear Parishioners,

I was struck two weekends ago at the 11am Family Mass by the post-communion reflection, read by one of the children.  I did not compose this reflection (Patty Collins, a teacher in the school and CCD head, along with the Family Liturgy team composed it), and I must confess I did not read it ahead of time either.  That Mass after communion was the first I heard it.  It was beautiful, and hearing it from a child made it ever more moving.  Here it is:

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming to me. Thank you, for giving yourself to me. Make me strong to show your love wherever I may be. Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay close by me forever and love me, I pray. I’m ready now, Lord Jesus, to show how much I care. I’m ready now to give your love at home and everywhere. Amen.

Loving Jesus—that's what it's all about.  Moses tells to this to the people in the first reading, and Jesus affirms this when he hears it from the mouth of the scribe.  If we simply desire to love God, and love him to the best of our ability, all will fall in line.  We will be close to the Kingdom of God.  We don't need to read all the theology books in the world or do a million hours of service.  We simply need to love and desire to love more.

Let the responsorial psalm (Ps 18:2) be your prayer this week: I love you, Lord, my strength.

This Sunday, November 4th at 3:30pm in the church is a special talk by Dr. Melanie Barrett, which I highly encourage everyone to attend. This is part of the Pastoral Council's effort at adult faith formation.  Dr. Barrett is a professor in moral theology at Mundelein Seminary and is fascinating to hear.  You will definitely learn about the faith and walk away fulfilled!  We are very privileged to have her come speak at St. Juliana.  Dr. Barrett will then serve as a lector at the 5pm Mass. 

My Tuesday Theology Talk series begins this upcoming Tuesday, November 6th at 7pm in the chapel.  We start promptly at 7pm and end precisely at 8pm.  I present on a variety of topics, from church history to theology, and there are opportunities throughout the session for questions and comments.  The sessions are not dependent on each other, so you can attend when your schedule allows or if a topic particularly interests you.  We will start with St. Catherine of Siena, whose story is fascinating and inspiring.  The rest of the schedule can be found online. 

Please continue your prayers and well wishes for parishioners Tom and Marie Dombai.  Tom is preparing to become a permanent deacon.  This Sunday, November 4th in a special Mass at Mundelein Seminary at 1:30pm, Tom will be instituted as an Acolyte.  This is a benchmark on the way to the diaconate.  If you recall, last year Tom was instituted as a Lector and made Candidacy.  There's more information about the Ministry of Acolyte in this bulletin.  Congratulations, Tom and Marie.  We continue to be very proud of you and look forward to your ordination.

Congratulations to our JV football team playing in the championship game this Saturday morning, as well as to our 8th grade girls basketball in the championship on Monday. Good luck!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. James

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