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Letters from a Pastor to His People- October 7, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

A boy once asked his mom where human beings came from.  "From God," she said. "God created us, starting with Adam and Eve." The boy then went off and asked his dad the same question. "We descended from apes," came the father's response.  When the boy went back to his mother and told her the contradicting answer, the mother said.  "That's okay, honey. Dad is just telling you his family tree. I'm telling you mine."

Ah, marriage, the topic of our readings this week. What shall I say about it?

Sticking with the joke theme, my grandpa likes to kid, when asked how he and my grandma, married for nearly 60 years, have persevered, "we go out to dinner twice a week...she goes Mondays, I go Wednesdays."

I wonder if there's some wisdom in that.  Temporary separation is healthy in any situation and in any relationship.  We need time off.  We need vacations.  We need "alone time." Time away not only refreshes us, it also gives us an appreciation for what/who we have. 

Let's be clear, though.  We're never completely separated from our spouse or work or whatever.  It's not like a husband who takes a golfing trip with his friends is "unmarried" and single for those five days.  Or the fireman ceases in his heart to be a fireman during furlough. 

It's the same in our spiritual lives.  We should always be united to God when we're on our "break" during the week.  Deep in our heart and in the back of our mind, love for God is our motivating force.

Perhaps that's a key to a healthy marriage and spiritual life: finding that physical separation while maintaining an inner union.

We welcome everyone this Sunday at 4pm in the church to an event on sports and faith by Patrick McCaskey of the Chicago Bears, who will then join us as our Lector for the 5pm Mass.  This will also be a special "Sports Mass" where we will recognize all those in athletics both at the grade school and high schools level.  Please encourage your son or daughter to attend.  The Pastoral Council will also be inaugurated at this Mass.

Our boys football teams will play today, Sunday October 7th at Loyola Academy. The JV game will start at noon and the varsity at 1:30pm.  Girls basketball had another "pack the gym" day on Saturday the 6th, where the St. Juliana teams played each other, as we have two teams for most grades.  Girls basketball plays again on Thursday this upcoming week. The Cross Country team has a meet also this Thursday, October 11th at Gillson Park in Wilmette. 

Men's Club has an "Oktoberfest" meeting with beer and brats Monday, October 7:30pm.  School board will meet Tuesday, October 9th at 7pm.  There is no school Monday for Columbus Day and no CCD this Wednesday. 

RCIA is scheduled to begin on Sunday, October 14th at 9:45am.  We already have several people signed up to enter the Catholic faith.  If you know of anyone who would like to become Catholic or receive a sacrament, such as Confirmation, please reach out to Fr. Emanuel.

The Archdiocese bestows annually the Christifideles award upon a layperson who has demonstrated faithfulness and dedication in ministry.  I am happy to announce that Mr. David Plier, from our own St. Juliana Parish, has been chosen to receive the award this year.  David is the chair of the Parish Pastoral Council and has done so much to help our parish experience Jesus.  He has provided a tremendous amount of pro-bono work to help our parish in marketing and advertising, not to mention the countless hours of service in so many different areas he has put into the parish.  Cardinal Cupich will bestow the award at a special ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral.  Congratulations, David! We are very proud of you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. James

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