Fireworks From Heaven

Dear Parishioners,

A miracle from the sky.  That is what the crowd wants when they ask Jesus, "What sign can you do, that we may see and believe in you?" (John 6:30). The people need a display of fireworks from heaven to confirm their faith.

The crowd is not way out of line in asking this.  When God made the covenant with Noah, massive rains for forty days came from the sky.  When God made another covenant with Moses, thunder, lightning, and a smoke-show appeared as well.  When the prophet Elijah's mission was confirmed, he was taken up into the sky in a fiery chariot.  It was not uncommon for God to provide aerial signs in the Old Testament.

But Jesus our Lord is different.  His sign will come from heaven.  And heaven is not in the sky.  Heaven, as writer Frank Sheed says, "is the seen presence of God."  It need not necessarily come from above.  In this case, with the bread from heaven, the miracle will come not from the sky, but from the earth.  

Have you ever found yourself looking up at the sky, hoping for a miracle? Or maybe you've seen others do that.  I think about a Cubs fan looking upwards, hands folded in a praying gesture, when the Cubs are trailing in the bottom of the ninth inning at Wrigley Field.  I recall myself with my head cranked up, hoping God will transport me somewhere else or turn back time, when I've hit a terrible approach shot to the green on a golf course.

When we look up, it's as if we are imploring God to please come down and fix the situation.  We want a miracle.  We want God to defy nature, suspend the laws of physics and help Jason Hayward hit the home run, or whatever.

That is not going to happen.  And it is good that it doesn't.  If God intervened miraculously at every request, there would be chaos.  God would be objectified, and we would be fundamentally immature, the way a spoiled child is stunted in his/her formation and growth.

No, we shouldn't look up to the sky for divine intervention when we face a predicament.  We should, instead, look straight ahead to the Eucharist.  The Eucharist is Jesus Christ himself. Our God in the Blessed Sacrament can help us with our challenges.  

The Boy Scout Car Wash is this Saturday, August 4th in the St. Juliana parking lot.  Please come to have your car washed and to support our parish's troop.  The car wash was rescheduled from last month due to rain. Good luck to our scouts!

 St. Juliana Parish is starting the Queen of Hearts Raffle, a tremendous opportunity for our parish and the neighborhood.  The first drawing will be this Thursday, August 9th at the Emerald Isle. Tickets can be purchased at the parish office, the Emerald Isle, and Firewater. Please look online for more details.

Our campus's security is in major need of improvement and we are in the process of implementing a new system. This will not only entail new locks for the entryways, security cameras, and a new drop off/dismissal procedure for our school, but also a security guard for the school throughout the day.  We are looking for volunteers in law enforcement, either active or retired, for this position.  Please see the bulletin for more details and consider helping us if you are available.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. James

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