Rock On, Journey

The classic rock band from the 1970s and 80s, Journey, is not a Christian rock band, but one could look at the titles of some of the songs and see an implicit spirituality.  There is Faithfully, Open Arms, The Wheel in the Sky, and, of course their most famous song of all, Don't Stop Believin'.  Interestingly enough, the composer of all of those above songs was the keyboardist for Journey, Jonathan Cain.

Cain grew up Catholic in Chicago on the westside.  He attended Our Lady of the Angels school and was in third grade when the tragic fire occurred on December 1, 1958.  That fire killed ninety-two children and three nuns, but the future rock star was spared.  Cain said, "[I] realize that the Lord had saved me that day for such a time as that, so that I could find the greatness in music."

The theme of a lot of the band's music is perseverance and desire.  Life can grow complicated, and we can stray from our original love and true self.  Faith keeps us grounded so we do not fall astray.  Even the name of the group, Journey, is spiritual.  We are constantly on the journey to holiness, the journey to God that will not end until we are united with him in heaven.  Prayer is the way we complete that journey. Pope Benedict XVI once wrote: "Faith’s inner pilgrimage towards God occurs above all in prayer. Saint Augustine once said that prayer is ultimately nothing more than the realization and radicalization of our yearning for God. Instead of 'yearning', we could also translate the word as 'restlessness' and say that prayer would detach us from our false security, from our being enclosed within material and visible realities, and would give us a restlessness for God and thus an openness to and concern for one another."

Let us pray the next time a Journey hit comes on the radio.


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