Dear Parishioners,

Saint John Chrysostom was an ancient Church Father who lived in Turkey and died in the year 407. He was famous for his preaching. The name Chrysostom means literally, ‘the golden mouth.’ The priest had this to say about Pentecost:

The Apostles did not come down from the mountain like Moses with stone tablets in their hands. They emerged from the Cenacle carrying the Holy Spirit in their hearts and offering everywhere treasures of wisdom and of grace as spiritual gifts flowing from a gushing spring. They went preaching to the whole world, they themselves being the living law, as if they were books animated by the grace of the Holy Spirit. (In Mt. Hom., 1, 1:PG 57-58, 15.)

I think we're all pretty familiar with the feast of Pentecost. Reread the first reading from Acts chapter two if you're not. In short: a group of the disciples were in the upper room in Jerusalem (or the ‘Cenacle,’ which is what Chrysostom calls it) after the Ascension. They are afraid and waiting for the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised (cf. Jn 15:26-27; 16:12-15). The Holy Spirit finally comes, descending upon them in tongues of fire, and the followers of Christ are emboldened. They are able to speak different languages, perform miracles, and convert people to Christianity.

The lives of these disciples are themselves an expression of the will of God. They are a living theology. This is because they have the Holy Spirit in them. To know God, people merely need to come in contact with the followers of Jesus Christ.

It's the same with us who have the Holy Spirit. People can know God not just by reading about him, but by witnessing our lives.

Congratulations Father Robinson Ortiz! Father Robinson (previously known as Deacon Robinson) was ordained a Catholic priest this Saturday, May 19th, at Holy Name Cathedral. I was present for the ordination, and had the privilege of laying hands not only on Father Robinson, but also on our soon-to-be new associate pastor, Father Emanuel Torres-Fuentes. We are very proud of both newly ordained priests. Father Robinson's First Mass as a priest is Saturday, May 19th at 5pm at St. Juliana.

The 3 Cs in Christ is in the church this Sunday at 3:30pm. I will give a talk on the Blessed Mother. Though we are a little more than half way through the Marian Consecration, it's never too late to start. 33 Days to Morning Glory booklets are in the back of the church or in the parish office. All are welcome to the talk, even if you have not done the Marian Consecration.

Teen Ministry occurs again this Sunday at 5pm. We are still looking for a donate fire pit. If you have a spare, movable fire pit or chimney, please drop it off our way!

The Missionary Spirit Team will be distributing bags for Uncle Pete's Sack Lunch Ministry in the back of the church this weekend. They will then collect the lunches in the parking lot on May 22nd.

The Pastoral Council will meet tomorrow, Monday, night at 7pm. We are accepting applications for new PC members. My Tuesday Theology Talk at 7pm in the chapel will be on St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Thursday I will celebrate the Kindergarten Mass at 9am in the church for our school. Friday there is no school—enjoy the day off! The 8:30am daily Mass Friday will be in the chapel.

Please consider taking home with you a Baby Bottle in the back of the church for a fundraiser for Aid for Women. Please see inside the bulletin for more information about this very worthwhile cause. Thank you!

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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