Fishers of Men

Dear Parishioners,

If you remember the Gospel from last week, we had the calling of the brothers Andrew and Peter. It was from the Gospel of John, and a slightly different version than what we have this Sunday from the Gospel of Mark. In John, Jesus simply walks by and Andrew follows him. Andrew then finds his brother Peter and brings him to Jesus. In Mark, Jesus approaches Andrew and Peter, who are fishing, and says, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They drop their nets and follow. Jesus is more proactive in today's version. So, which version is accurate?

It could be both. Historically speaking, John's version might have occurred first and then Mark's been a further occurrence. That is, after being introduced to Jesus (John), Peter and Andrew might have gone back to fishing and then Jesus called them again (Mark).

Spiritually speaking, our approach to Jesus can vary. Sometimes we notice Jesus in something or someone and are drawn to him subtly (the John version). Sometimes Jesus comes right up to his and calls us (the Mark version). However we're called, it's better to be in the game following Jesus, than standing on the sidelines watching.

During the last few weeks, many parish families received a letter from Cardinal Cupich requesting your participation by making a pledge to the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal. This year, the theme of the Appeal is "Come, Follow Me." We have all received God's love. By financially supporting the ministries and services funded by ACA, we help to extend God's love to many, many others. The Appeal supports both parish and Archdiocesan ministries and services. A lot is happening at St. Juliana—and more is to come. We are able to do this, in part, because of the extra funds we received as a result of last year's Appeal. When we reach our goal this year of $53,018 in paid pledges, 100% of the funds will be returned to us for our use. We ask that you respond as generously as possible to help our parish be vibrant and allow everyone to experience Jesus. Thank you kindly.

Today at noon in the school hall is the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Good luck to all the contestants! Tomorrow, Monday, is our Parish Pastoral Council Meeting. The PPC is continuing to work hard. Just to recap, we have launched a new teen ministry, a parish book and conversation group (the 3 Cs in Christ), a sacristan team, a hospitality ministry, First Friday Eucharistic Adoration, Friday Tots and Company, and more. Thank you to all the members of the PPC for their hard work.

We are beginning to do some work to abate the floor in the cry room and ushers room in the back of the church, as well as the loft. You may have noticed the pews and some furniture have been removed. This work is needed before we can do any renovation in the aforementioned areas.

Speaking of renovation, last weekend we had a group of about 25 parents (and some children) helping clean out the school courtyard. We filled two big dumpsters with junk! Two large sheds in the courtyard were emptied and demolished, and a large classroom and a fairly large closet, both filled with mostly junk, were also emptied and cleaned. It was great work and a necessary first step in renovating the courtyard! Thank you to Brian Dore and everyone else who helped.

Yours in Christ,
Father James

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