Queen Counselor

Wives do not mind asking for directions. They tell their husbands to stop, pull over, and seek help. Mothers are also good counselors. They encourage their children to obtain tutors, instructors, coaches. They look to problem-solve and not remain condemned to the futility of the present predicament. What could be a negative situation a woman, through her humility and sensibleness, turns into something positive. It is like that time when Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, a 16th century saint, dropped a small statue of Jesus in the chapel while dusting it. Picking it up unbroken, she kissed it, saying, “If you had not fallen, you would not have gotten that.”

The Blessed Virgin Mary—a woman, wife, and mother—wants to help all of us who struggle or are downright lost, especially in the spiritual life. She is the Queen of Counseling. We want to pray better, know more, be holier, receive more out of our faith. But we do not know how to make all that happen. Most of the time, we do not even know how to articulate our desires or our frustrations! The tendency might be to remain stuck or to attempt to figure out the problem ourselves. This will drive us mad. We turn out like the stubborn husband who keeps driving lost, or the child that cannot figure out the math problem and falls asleep on his homework, only to wake up the next day with an unfinished assignment. We need guides. We need outside help. We need direction in the spiritual life. If we turn to Mary, perhaps praying the Memorare, she will point us in the right direction. She will give us the answer, or at least lead us to counseling, spiritual direction, or spiritual reading that will.

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Catholic Schools Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week 2019

January 28–February 1

Open House

Sunday, January 27

Family Mass · 11:00am

Bake Sale - 8:00am - 2:00pm

School Open · 12:00pm–2:00pm