Sunday Hospitality Ministry

The dedicated volunteers of this ministry help all who attend our Sunday masses feel welcome and encouraged to enjoy our Mass and Experience Jesus.

Entire families welcome to join! Contact us join or learn more.


Parish Pastoral Council

We are a vibrant, living faith community centered in our love for God and each other and we have many ministries and social groups that hold us together as a community. The more we invest ourselves in a community, the more we grow and the more we receive from the relationship. All of our ministries, groups and clubs are an opportunity for you to work with other members of the parish to build that relationship and build up the Kingdom of God. We hope you will find a group that will make you excited to call Saint Juliana Parish your spiritual home.

Parish Pastoral Council Logo: One Body | One MissionThe Parish Pastoral Council is an enthusiastic, compassionate, faith-filled community leading the commissions and ministries of the parish. Through active listening we strive to determine and understand the diverse needs of our parish and community. We minister to these needs by leading, inviting and empowering others to become involved in meeting the spiritual, temporal and social needs of all. We partner with the pastor and staff to support existing parish life, to create vision, and to plan for the future.

In the newest incarnation of the pastoral council, each member has been assigned a role to lead each of St. Juliana Parish's commissions—Sunday, School and Service—and the assigned ministries within each. Each ministry leader will work with the pastoral council commission leader to evaluate the pastoral effectiveness of each ministry, program and service and expand the mission within each ministry to best serve the interest of the parish.

Each commission has five goals to achieve by the end of the term. The first mission is the October 2017 launch of the Sunday Hospitality Ministry, a ministry of volunteers who will welcome each person entering our church prior to Sunday Mass. Fellowship with coffee, tea and juice in the back of church after each Mass will also be provided. Our dedicated volunteers will make worshippers feel like they belong and encourage those in attendance to enjoy our Mass and ‘Experience Jesus’.

Download the current Ministry Booklet here, or view the book online.

Parish Ministry Booklet
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