Extended Care

  • Our Extended Care program provides professional care, supervision, and recreational activities before and after the standard school day for St. Juliana School students through eighth grade. It serves working families who desire both parochial school education and day care in a Christian environment.

    Register for Extended Care

    Extended Care Family Handbook

    The program director, Mrs. Christine Boldt, is a long-time SJS faculty member and the program is staffed on a daily basis by SJS teachers, or aides with classroom experience. All staff members are in full compliance with Archdiocesan mandates published by the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth.

    We offer a variety of activities in which each child may choose to participate, including

    • Indoor and outdoor physical activities
    • Supervised homework time
    • Learning and fun games
    • Socializing with friends
    • Videos for children
    • Supervised computer use
    • Arts and craft activities

    A nutritious snack and milk will be provided daily after school.

    Contacting Extended Care

    The Extended Care mobile phone number is 773.428.2872. Between the hours of 6:30–8:00am and 2:40–6:00pm, one of our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions or changes to your child's daily plans. During school hours you may send a text or leave a voice message with that number, or call the school office at 773.631.2256. For questions or concerns that are not of an immediate nature you may also email the director, Mrs. Chris Boldt.

  • Extended Care
    • Admission Policy

      Children currently enrolled in our school are eligible to attend Extended Care. The program reserves the right to exclude any child whose needs cannot be met. The program complies with the non-discriminatory policies of the school and Archdiocese of Chicago.

    • Hours & Fees

      Our program is open every school day from 6:30 to 8:05am and 2:50 to 6:00pm. On half-days we will remain open from 12:00 to 6:00pm, excluding the half-days before extended holiday breaks. No free days or holidays are included in our program.

      There is a $40 registration fee per year for the first child, $10 for each additional sibling. The daily cost for attending the morning program is $6.00. After school, if your child is picked up by 4:00, the charge will be $6.00. A pickup by 5:00 will be $10.50 and a pick-up by 6:00 is $14.00. Late fees will be charged if your child is not picked up by 6:00 PM; the fee is $5 for every 5 minute increment past 6:00 PM. There will be a 50% discount on the daily rates for each additional child using the program. All charges for Extended Care are billed and paid through FACTS.

      Attendance registration will be on a weekly basis. Parents must submit their registration forms noting days and times care will be needed for their child by Friday of the previous week. A late fee of $5 will be assessed for any registration forms turned in after Friday without prior approval from the director.

      FACTS Tuition Management Near the end of each month you will be sent an itemization for time used during the month for all children. The total amount due will be billed through your FACTS Tuition Management account, and payment must be directed to FACTS. Payment for Extended Care should not be sent to school. Families whose accounts are not up-to-date will not be allowed to use extended care. Please alert the director to any unusual circumstances that might cause a delay in payment. Financial statements for tax and reporting purposes are available through FACTS at any time throughout the year.

    • Behavior Expectations

      The safety and security of all children is of paramount importance and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who cannot follow the rules and regulations of St. Juliana School and the extended care program. Parents will be sent a notification letter following the first infraction, a warning letter following the second infraction, and a termination letter upon the third infraction.

    • Important Parental Responsibilities

      The children's safety and well-being is always our foremost concern. The most important regulations for the use of Extended Care concern the departure of children from our premises. Parents or guardians may not take children from the facility without notifying the staff and signing out the child. Children must be escorted in and out of the building by a parent or authorized adult, and be signed in and out by this adult. Parents and guardians should not send persons whose names have not been preauthorized to pick up their children; for safety reasons, the release will not be granted. Parents are required to complete the school's general Emergency Contact Profile, which is shared with Extended Care, to help us reach you quickly in the event of emergency.

      When picking up your child please park on Osceola Avenue or in the school parking lot; ring the Extended Care doorbell for admittance to the building. Please do not call or text with directions to send your child elsewhere after school. Such requests will not be granted as there is always the possibility that someone other than a parent or guardian may be calling. If your child is absent from school and is signed up for extended, please notify us by voicemail or text to 773.428.2872.

    • Health Policies

      In case of an accident which appears to be of a minor nature, first aid will be administered on the premises. In cases which appear serious the program staff will act according to their best judgment for the welfare of the child. Parents who do not wish their child treated in any way should indicate this on the emergency form and provide special instructions. If a child is too ill to remain in extended care parents must make arrangements to have the child picked up from the program. The Archdiocese requires all schools NOT to dispense medications. If your child has a chronic medical need, labeled containers are stored in the office. We cannot-handle any medications and do not assume any liability for the consumption of medicine. Medical waiver forms are available in the office for chronic needs.

    • Homework

      We have appropriate facilities, including access to several networked computers, for children to work on homework assignments. It is the responsibility of the child to acknowledge his/her assignments and to use the resources available. We have no way to know what work has been assigned to them.

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